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In today’s highly competitive hospitality industry, the digital age can be a challenge for many hoteliers. It’s proven that customer service is of critical importance in any established company. Customers expect a secure and seamless booking process as part of their memorable experiences, not just a room.

Hospitality leaders actively seek improvement and return on investment. Therefore, standing out and staying ahead requires reinventing strategy almost daily.

Why us?

Sustainable revenue is what drives our mission. Our team at ECTM is dedicated to your company’s success. We have a vested in achieving the best results in alignment to our clients’ current and future needs.

We advocate the notion that a successful business can only be achieved by joining the forces of online and offline digital marketing and distribution, along with an excellent customer quality experience.

The Company´s seed was born out of the need to professionalize the tourism industry regarding customer service and sales optimization, which need to go hand in hand.

• Tools that maximize efforts with measurable results.

• Revenue and inventory management boosting income growth.

• Employee empowerment, sense of belonging and culture of quality service.

What differentiates us?

Today’s travel industry technology is moving so fast that having a brand name or selling through an online travel agency (OTA) isn’t enough anymore.  In this competitive world, you need a combination of product and customer service merged with online strategies and reputation management.  

The team at ECTM is committed to your success.  We manage your online sales through strategic Revenue Management.  This to improve positioning, visibility, online bookings, Rev-Par and profitability.  We also work to make your direct sales channel a competitive sustainable advantage for your property.


Revenue Management

  • Strategy

  • Market analysis of current distribution and online visibility.
  • Rate structures segmented by client profile and market.
  • Product creation and market segment acquisition.
  • GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and IDS (Internet Distribution Systems).
  • Revenue Management techniques to increase Rev-PAR.
  • Boosting of direct sales through Hotel’s website.
  • Implementation

  • Synxis booking engine, a leading industry provider.
  • Innovative, efficient Channel Manager.
  • Optimized Revenue Management Solutions.
  • Search engine Optimization in main engines and metasearch engines.
  • Sales Strategy to attract corporate accounts through GDS and IDS.
  • Promotions and “Google Ads” campaigns (PPC) on main metasearch engines.
  • Website re-design in line with your brand using SEO, keywords and best practices.

Website Design

The way the users navigate and interact with your website is key. Its almost every potential customers first impression of YOUR business. Even the most basic of users need agile response times and content that draws them in.

Additionally, the ability for guests to feel safe and comfortable while allowing them to book a room or buy your products with ease is vital.

Todays Customers require complete product offerings, a modern graphic user interface and immediate confirmation along with the peace of mind knowing that their online transactions are safe and secure. After all, they are trusting you with their credit card and bank account numbers!

Our global team of technology experts will work with you to create the most innovative, user-friendly web designs focused on your individual properties strengths while boosting its differentiators.

We promise cutting edge technologies that are guaranteed to be quick and responsive on all devices.

Contact us for an evaluation of your website.

Quality Service Training

Our road to excellence is achieved by customer service training, coaching and system implementations.

Certified training sessions focus on creating deep moral and spiritual changes within your collaborators.

Service committees allow for collaborator accountability, and provide tools for them to follow up on their own progress.

In the tourism industry, the bar is always set higher, therefore a permanent learning process is essential.

Success is guaranteed when sales efforts and customer service come together.


~Diego González, Founding Partner.

Technology Partners

ECTM has partnered with established technology suppliers in the industry. This allows you to have one single point of contact, worldwide distribution and the most effective tools to streamline your offerings.

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